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Financial test for private health insurance: take a close look at the service catalog

This year, not only for those insured by the statutory health insurance funds (GKV) increased contributions - the private health insurance funds (PKV) are also likely to increase their contributions. The magazine "Finanztest" of the Stiftung Warentest, whose main task and publication field is the comparison of services from the financial sector such as insurance, published tips for privately insured persons in the current edition.

An important note is the fact that one should not go by the amount of the contribution. You shouldn't be impressed by cheap tariffs when making a decision. One of the most important points is the services that are issued for the respective tariff.

Naturopath Thorsten Fischer can only confirm this from practice: “Many patients did not inquire about the services covered when they took out insurance. That can sometimes give a rude awakening if the costs are not or only partially covered by the respective private health insurance and the people concerned have to pay for it out of their own pocket because they have not read the modalities properly. "

A reduction in the monthly contributions can already be achieved by increasing the deductible or asking for other tariffs from the current private health insurance company. In some cases, the same insurance company now has tariffs that cover the same range of services but are cheaper. So it's worth asking here. What is generally new is that from 2010 the health insurance contributions for private health insurance will have to be deducted from tax as special charges. The background is the Citizens Relief Act. Stiftung Warentest also offers the service on its side to obtain individual suggestions.

There are also important tips for those insured in statutory health insurance. Many people here are also unsettled by the additional contributions announced today.

Basically, the following applies to all health insurances: Insured persons can save, but have to deal precisely and individually with the respective tariffs and services. Increases will and must come because of the extremely thin financial situation of the entire German health system.

In view of the events under Federal Health Minister Philipp Rösler such as the reorganization of the Institute for Quality and Efficiency (IQWiG), possibly the upcoming introduction of the head lump sum and freezing of the employer's contribution, the purchase of vaccination doses against swine flu in the amount of several hundred million euros, among other things nor can we expect further savings, but rather more costs in connection with our health system.

The direct costs that will result from these events will clearly be borne by the health insurers and they will have to pass this on to the contributions to the insured. (sb January 25, 2010)

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