Head allowance: unfair, unsocial and useless

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Rössler's head allowance: unfair, unsocial and useless.

(06/02/2010) "The people's solidarity decidedly rejects the now known plans for a flat rate of € 30 per head from 2011." The federal manager of the social and welfare association, people's solidarity, said Dr. Bernd Niedel, on Wednesday, reports on a concept presented by Federal Minister of Health Rösler for the introduction of a health bonus from 2011 onwards. “The Federal Minister of Health is obviously concerned with implementing a system change away from the principle of solidarity towards the privatization of health costs at all costs. The minister's model boils down to making healthcare costs more unfair and anti-social. In the interests of patients and insured persons, it is useless and therefore unnecessary. "

The Rösler model is "unfair because the growing health costs are increasingly being shifted to patients and insured persons," criticized the Netherlands. "They already bear about 60 percent of health costs, while the share of employers has dropped to 40 percent. With the introduction of a small head allowance from 2011, this imbalance will be exacerbated.

The Rösler model is anti-social because those on low incomes are initially burdened higher than those on high incomes. This is particularly disadvantageous for low earners, pensioners, the unemployed, students and trainees. You will not have more, but less net of gross. In the future, you may ask your health insurance provider to reduce your premium. Many insured persons will not automatically receive compensation, but rather as supplicants based on previously unclear criteria. Experience in the Netherlands and Switzerland shows that the proportion of people in need of support is constantly growing there.

The model of the Federal Minister of Health is useless because it does not enable sustainable and future-proof financing of statutory health insurance (GKV). The Rösler premium is said to generate an additional 18 billion euros. However, since the contribution rate is to be lowered at the same time, because social compensation from tax funds is not possible, this operation will only bring in five billion euros net. That is not even enough to even close to cover the deficit of 11 billion euros expected for 2011. In addition, the introduction of the Rösler model is expected to cost 250 million euros in bureaucracy. "The bottom line shows that this flat rate model is also superfluous and should be buried as quickly as possible, the Federal Director stated. (Pm )

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