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Healthcare reform: are private health insurance schemes now more attractive again? We show when and for whom a change could be worthwhile.

(07.07.2010) The health reform decided means that the contributions of the statutory health insurance funds for the approximately 50 million insured will be significantly higher. A change in private health insurance (PKV) could be worthwhile for some of the insured, but the majority of GKV insured persons must remain in the statutory health insurers, as switching to a private health insurance is not without hurdles. In the meantime, private health insurances attract with attractive conditions.

Due to the federal government's savings policy and the large deficit in health insurance, health insurance contributions will increase significantly from 2011 onwards. A deficit of around EUR 11 billion is expected for the coming year if countermeasures are not taken in good time. For example, the general cash contribution is to be increased to 15.5 percent. In addition, the employer's share is frozen at 7.3 percent. This means that future increases in contributions must be paid by employees themselves. And further increases in health insurance premiums are already emerging. In addition, the additional contribution should be released, which means that the health insurance companies can determine the amount of the additional contributions themselves from 2011.

All of these could be reasons why the self-employed, freelancers or employees who are currently still voluntarily insured by law should change. Private health insurance companies are currently attracting people with favorable terms and individually adjustable service catalogs. From 2011, it should be possible for all insured persons to be able to switch to private health insurance under simplified conditions.

A switch to private health insurance could be worthwhile for people with statutory health insurance.
For employees who are voluntarily insured by law, switching to private health insurance could be an advantage. Employees who are above the gross insurance limit of currently 4,162.50 euros will have to dig heavily in their pockets from next year. If you add the expected additional contributions to the premium increases, there is an additional charge of around EUR 100 per month. If you make clever calculations and carefully examine the package of private health insurance, you can save some costs. Because if you leave family doctor tariffs or a corresponding deductible, the private health insurance contributions can be kept low. At the same time, you are still entitled to naturopathy treatments, for example from a naturopath, a doctor's treatment or a single bed claim in a hospital. And yet you pay less than before. But be careful, if you are planning to have another child, you should do the math. Because in contrast to the statutory, children are not automatically insured with the PKV. In private health insurance, everyone must be insured individually. In addition, the principle still applies; once you have left statutory health insurance, the way back is blocked.

Access to private health insurance is to be made easier.
The so-called three-year rule is expected to be abolished from 2011. This means that employees only have to be above the compulsory insurance limit every month for twelve months to be able to switch to private health insurance. At the moment, however, the three-year rule applies, where you have to be above the set rate for three years. Even young professionals are free to choose whether they want to take out private or statutory insurance. (sb)

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