Fungus poisoning: collectors poisoned themselves in Berlin

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Mushroom poisoning in Berlin: collectors mixed up mushrooms and poisoned themselves with the dangerous tuber agaric.

(05.09.2010) Eight people were poisoned with the highly toxic tuber agaric at the weekend. Even a minimal dose of the highly toxic mushroom can lead to death. Mushroom pickers had mistaken and eaten the cone-shaped tuber agaric due to its great similarity to the meadow mushroom.

As a spokeswoman for the Berlin Charité announced, currently none of the eight patients admitted are in mortal danger. Nobody needs to be treated in the intensive care unit anymore. However, three poisoned people are still in a regular hospital ward and need further treatment. The patients were admitted independently of one another in different groups. They had severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhea after eating mushrooms. It turned out that the patients consumed the tuber agaric.

Even a small portion of tuberous agaric can lead to acute life failure and ultimately death in humans. The cone-shaped tuber agaric can be confused with the white mushroom, especially in the early growth phase. The poison of the fungus damages the liver and kidneys in a special way and if it is recognized too late the situation can no longer be treated. Therefore, those affected who suddenly feel uncomfortable after eating mushrooms they have collected themselves should definitely be hospitalized as an acute case, even if the symptoms subside after some time. Because this is also a typical symptom of poisoning. The state of health of a 48-year-old patient who had been in mortal danger for the past week was particularly critical. Before mushrooms are eaten, mushroom advice centers that can select the mushrooms should be consulted. (sb)

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