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Social association: Federal Ministry of Health's draft law jeopardizes solidarity in the health system.

(10.09.2010) The people's solidarity warns against a system change from solidarity-financed statutory health insurance (GKV) to health insurance protection that is only financed by the insured and patients. This was explained by the federal director of the Social and Welfare Association People's Solidarity, Dr. Bernd Netherland, on Friday on the occasion of the hearing of the Federal Ministry of Health on the draft law for SHI financing. “The proposed bill is unsuitable for securing long-term, solidary financing of health costs. People's solidarity in particular rejects the new regulations for collecting fees provided for in the draft law. "

The association brought its own statement to the hearing of the Federal Ministry of Health, explaining its criticism of the bill. The feared change in the system is primarily due to the fact that the employer contribution is fixed and the additional contributions are expanded. "This means that the principle of equal funding is being abandoned," said the managing director of the Netherlands. "The principle of solidarity-based financing is being dissolved. The desired competition between the health insurance companies reinforces the tendency towards two-class medicine and does not contribute to solving the structural problems in health care."

The Netherlands criticized that the proposed social compensation to be financed from tax funds would "in many cases not be targeted". This would also only insufficiently compensate for the overall greater burden on the legally insured, because it is based on the average additional contribution and not on the real additional costs for the insured. "The result is that the already existing social inequalities in health care continue to worsen."

The draft law also does not ensure a better financial situation for the statutory health insurance, the Netherlands emphasized. "The planned easier switch from SHI insured persons with income above the compulsory insurance limit to private health insurance (PKV) will deprive the statutory health insurers of funds from 2011. The consequence is that the statutory insured will once again make the higher income earners escape from the SHI solidarity system with higher additional contributions have to compensate. " The weakening of the solidarity character of the statutory health insurance system and the introduction of additional contributions for individual health insurance funds amount to privatization of the statutory health insurance system. "This is the wrong way to ensure the necessary quality of health care for all citizens," said the managing director. (pm)

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