Bankruptcy averted by health insurance companies

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A possible bankruptcy of the financially stricken health insurance companies City BKK and GBK could be averted. The BKK association has promised financial support to both health insurers.

(19.11.2010) The impending closure of the two stricken health insurance companies City BKK and GBK was averted by a crisis meeting of the BKK association. At a top meeting of the company health insurance companies that took place today, financial and organizational help was promised in paying off the debts. In addition, the BKK health insurance companies want to support a merger with other insurance companies. The GBK could provide more economic security through a merger. Because a health insurance company has grown, it can also react better to possible bottlenecks.

Rescue of the two health insurance companies decided For the time being, the City BKK and the Joint Company Health Insurance Fund Cologne GBK can look forward to their rescue. A possible insolvency was initially averted with the help of the other company health insurance companies. At a crisis meeting of the CEOs of the individual BKK health insurance companies, the whole day was debated about what measures are required to avert possible bankruptcy of the two insurance companies. According to the GBK, the health insurance fund was in need because two patients would have incurred unpredictable treatment costs due to a rare blood disorder. The majority of the approximately 120 company health insurance bosses voted to help City BKK financially and to support GBK in a merger with another company insurance company. This was announced on Friday evening by a spokeswoman for the BKK Federal Association after the meeting in Berlin.

Impending closure averted for the time being According to media reports, the two badly stricken health insurance companies even threatened the immediate closure by the Federal Insurance Office (BVA). Already at the beginning of this year, both health insurers reported an impending insolvency. If health insurers do not report a possible over-indebtedness, a procedure for delaying bankruptcy could be threatened. In the event of financial difficulties, the health insurers are legally obliged to issue warning messages.

Both health insurance companies charge additional contributions In contrast to the City BKK, the GBK was one of the first health insurance companies to demand an additional contribution from its members. In addition to the BKK health professions, the health insurance company made an additional contribution of one percent of the monthly income subject to contributions. The maximum amount is limited to EUR 37.50 a month. In this situation, it is difficult to collect additional contributions from the insured. Due to two rare blood disorders, the health insurance fund was also facing serious financial difficulties. The health insurance company will certainly have lost members as a result of the additional contribution. This trend was particularly noticeable at other health insurers, which also made an additional contribution.

In contrast to the GBK, the City BKK is financially supported to achieve debt relief. However, the BKK spokeswoman emphasized that this help would be associated with tough conditions for restructuring. The association wanted to strictly control every process. The debt relief measures should be completed by the end of 2012. The Chairman of the Treasury was only removed from office on Wednesday. An interim board is appointed until a new boss is found. So far, the health insurance company has not wanted to comment on the exact processes.

Since April 2010, City BKK has also been charging additional contributions from its insured. The additional contribution is a flat rate of eight euros per month and contribution payer. It has long been known that there are many senior citizens and chronically ill people among the approximately 200,000 members. This fact means that the expenses for treatment costs have increased immensely.

Before all statutory health insurers are financially responsible for one another, the health insurers are first asked to provide financial assistance. In this case, the association of company health insurance companies is responsible. Only if this help is not fruitful must the other health insurance companies in the SHI network step in. (sb)

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