Low girl birth rate in the Aces region

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IPPNW doctors disagree with the federal government: in addition to cancer cases, the rate of female births in the region around Asse is significantly lower than elsewhere.

The medical organization IPPNW disagrees with the Federal Government's statement that the cancer incidence in the Asse region is purely a statistical accident. Because in addition to the leukemia and thyroid cancer, significantly fewer births of girls were found. According to the doctors, this result is significant. Speaking of a coincidence and naming this as the cause appears to be “extremely unlikely” from the medical point of view.

Kusmierz, Voigt and Scherb were involved in the statistical analysis. They also examined the gender distribution of the children born alive in Remlingen from 1971-2009 (start of the Asse business: 1965). Instead of the statistically expected ratio of 105 boys: 100 girls, the significantly changed ratio was found to be 125: 100. In the Asse operating phase plus one year after-run (1971-1979), the numerical ratio was even clearer at 142: 105. The statistician Dr. Hagen Scherb, Helmholtz Institute Munich, said: “The gender opportunity ratio is 1.35, i.e. in theory, every fourth girl would have been lost in this phase if only girls were affected. ”

For the medical organization, the lack of childbirth is another indication of the possible effects of the ionizing radiation exposure in the region around the dilapidated Asse nuclear waste storage facility. Only a study presented in October 2010 showed the decline in the birth of girls in the vicinity of nuclear facilities in Switzerland and Germany. Comparable results were also found after the Chernobyl disaster. The experts suspect that female germination systems are more sensitive to atomic radiation than male ones. "Possibly the shift in the gender relation at birth can be seen as a biological indicator of low-ionizing radiation," it said.

According to the IPPNW, the Ministry of the Environment should prompt the German Childhood Cancer Registry (DKKR) in Mainz to publish the child cancer numbers that have so far been kept under wraps for the entire municipality of Asse. All cancers are recorded centrally in Mainz. So far, only cancer numbers for adults have been released. (sb)

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