Dangerous substance in coffee: recall campaign

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Health hazard due to the type of coffee

Dangerous substance in coffee - recall campaign started.

The Imperia Elita company launched a recall campaign for their instant coffee "Vittacino" after the Hessian Ministry of Consumer Protection discovered sibutramine, a substance that is banned throughout Europe, in the coffee of the Hessian company. The active ingredient used in drugs as an appetite suppressant can trigger significant side effects, the ministry warned.

As the Ministry of Consumer Protection in Wiesbaden announced, the manufacturer calls all articles of the “Vitaccino Imperia Elita, 10g x 15 bags / box” batch with the manufacturing date 05 June 2010, the best-before date 05 May 2012 and the lot number 20100506 on the packaging due to the sibutramine load back. The products contain the active ingredient sibutramine, which has been banned throughout Europe since February 2010 and was originally used in drugs as an appetite suppressant. Due to the serious side effects of the active ingredient, sibutramine was banned in Italy in 2002 after two deaths. At the beginning of 2010, an investigation by the European Medicines Agency also rated the benefit-risk ratio of the active substance as negative, which was followed by a Europe-wide ban. The Imperia Elita company, based in Wettenberg, Hesse, has asked consumers not to "consume any goods that are still available".

The side effects of the active ingredient sibutramine can range from headache, nausea and vomiting to high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat. In particular, people with cardiovascular diseases should not take sibutramine, as this significantly increases the risk of a heart attack for them. A comprehensive US study found 34 deaths in people with cardiovascular diseases from taking the active ingredient

For the instant coffee "Vitaccino" it is the second recall because of potential health risks. The Rhineland-Palatinate State Investigation Office had only warned of another batch of coffee in October after a consumer complained of severe palpitations and dilated pupils and contacted the authorities. The manufacturer Imperia Elita pointed out that the products had been examined intensively before being launched on the German market and remained unobjectionable. (fp, 13.12.2010)

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