Every third child is born by Caesarean section

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Every third baby is born by Caesarean section. DAK data show: Cutting is done especially in the west

The caesarean trend continues. Last year every third baby in Germany was born using a scalpel. This resulted in an evaluation of DAK internal hospital data. What is striking is that there is significantly less cutting in the new federal states. There, only every fourth woman gives birth with a caesarean section.

In a Caesarean section (childbirth), the baby is surgically removed from the mother's womb. In the past, such an intervention was carried out for medical reasons. Today, however, more and more mothers want a caesarean section, for example to be able to determine the exact day of birth. However, there are numerous risks and side effects for children and mothers compared to normal childbirth.

Cesarean sections often in older women There are many reasons for the Caesarean section: “On the one hand, today's mothers are older than they used to be. So there are more risky pregnancies where a caesarean section is safe, ”says Elisabeth Thomas, DAK doctor. "On the other hand, you get more anxious with age and fear that something could go wrong with the birth of the child you want." To avoid any risk, it is better to play it safe and ask for a caesarean section. "Younger women," assumes Thomas, "choose it out of uncertainty and fear of the birth pain."

Significant side effects possible With a planned caesarean section, the child is born about two weeks before the calculated date of birth. Without any problems, without birth pains. But the pain comes - only later. Thomas: “The caesarean section is an operation, but the mother has the same risks as with any other operation. Incidents of anesthesia, bleeding or infection can occur. ”In addition, the scar hurts many women for a very long time. “Every woman who thinks about a so-called caesarean section should get detailed advice from her gynecologist. This also clarifies the possible risks and side effects of a caesarean section. "

Top three of the federal states with the most Caesarean sections 1. Hamburg 37.0%
2. Hesse 35.8%
3. Schleswig-Holstein / Rhineland-Palatinate 35.4% each

Top three of the federal states with the fewest Caesarean sections 1. Saxony 23.7%
2. Berlin 27.0%
3. Saxony-Anhalt 27.1%

Surgery is expensive for health insurance companies The trend towards caesarean section is, however, expensive for health insurance companies: while hospitals can bill around 1,500 euros for uncomplicated spontaneous delivery, a caesarean section costs around 2,900 euros.

Special DAK service for pregnant women and young mothers The DAK provides intensive support for expectant and young mothers: at www.willommenbaby.dak.de pregnant women can find answers and tips from experts for every stage of pregnancy, for example. Later on, specially trained mother advisors are available to assist the newlywed parents. (DAK, Sb)

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