With chewing gum for heartburn

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With chewing gum for heartburn

Chewing gum can help with heartburn. Chewing chewing gum stimulates saliva production, neutralizing the rising stomach acid responsible for heartburn, according to the current issue of the "Naturarzt" magazine.

Ascending stomach acid is often the cause of heartburn, which manifests itself in acid regurgitation, feeling of pressure or burning behind the breastbone. By stimulating saliva production, the flow of saliva is increased and the rise of gastric acid is prevented, reports the journal "Naturarzt".

Heartburn is understood by doctors as a burning, scratching sensation in the esophagus, which is caused by rising stomach acid or chyme from the stomach. Heartburn occurs particularly frequently after a lavish meal, especially if gastric acid and contents can flow back into the esophagus due to inadequate occlusion of the gastric entrance (reflux). With overweight or hasty slings and during pregnancy, the symptoms usually increase because the pressure in the upper abdominal area is greatly increased, which promotes the rise of stomach acid. There are also numerous other factors known in the professional world that significantly increase the risk of heartburn. Tobacco smoke, coffee, alcohol, carbonic acid and fatty meals are considered risk factors for heartburn, which should be avoided if recommended by the journal "Naturarzt". In addition, those affected are advised to pay attention to which of the potential triggers they cannot tolerate and to avoid them in the future.

According to the experts, changing the food intake may already help to eliminate heartburn. Many small meals instead of fewer large portions are a first step here, according to nutritionists. According to the magazine, four or five small meals should be taken throughout the day instead of two large portions. Care should also be taken to take the last meal three hours before going to bed if possible. Those affected are also advised to avoid spicy, high-fat, fried, fried, very acidic foods. Products made from white industrial sugar and flour should also be avoided if possible so as not to overly stimulate the acid production of the stomach. In addition, nutritionists advise patients with heartburn to eat their meals in a quiet environment without time pressure. Numerous treatment methods for heartburn are also offered in naturopathy, especially with tea blends e.g. Success can be achieved relatively easily from calamus root, yarrow and peppermint or infusions from chamomile flowers. In addition, there is healing earth (e.g. Luvos or Bullrich's, stirred in water or as a capsule) to chemically and physically reduce the amount of acid in the stomach.

If the symptoms do not go away, a medical or specialist examination is recommended to those affected to rule out malignant diseases and to treat the heartburn with individually tailored treatment methods. (fp)

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