Accused doctor admitted to Paris clinic

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Doctor accused of murdering his stepdaughter is in hospital

The case had caused enormous media attention and a slight upset in diplomacy between France and Germany. The German doctor convicted in France for the abuse and murder of his stepdaughter was kidnapped to France by the child's biological father when Germany refused to deliver him up.

The 75-year-old doctor Dieter K., charged with murdering his stepdaughter, was hospitalized for health problems. The ongoing trial against the suspected murderer and rapist of his stepdaughter had to be interrupted. The procedure should actually be completed by Friday, but the upcoming medical examinations must now show whether Dieter K. is still negotiable. According to information from judicial circles, the process should continue in the afternoon.

Kidnapped doctor charged with abuse and killing of his stepdaughter The allegation of sexually abusing his stepdaughter and then killing her with an injection remains in the room and everything points to a conviction of the accused German doctor. Although the evidence made it appear very likely that the defendant was guilty even before the current trial, the German judicature had terminated the case against the cardiologist without charge and Germany refused to extradite Dieter K. to the neighboring country even after an initial conviction in France. Kalinka's biological father, André Bamberski, then had the doctor kidnapped to France to be handed over to the judiciary here.

Physical father convinced of the guilt of the accused Bamberski is convinced that the 75-year-old raped Kalinka and killed her with an injection. When he was kidnapped about a year and a half ago, K. had suffered serious injuries, according to his lawyers, and has since been given medical treatment in a prison hospital in the Paris area. On Sunday, however, the defendant's health was so bad that he had to be transferred to a Paris hospital for an inpatient stay. The doctor had looked extremely battered during the first weeks of the trial and leaned on a crutch to walk. However, Dieter K. will probably not escape conviction by being hospitalized. (fp)

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