Hallesche denies excessive PKV commissions

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Hallesche health insurance denies excessive agency fees
Excessive final commissions in private health insurance continue to be controversial

The discussion about commission payments with private health insurance companies is apparently beginning to bear fruit. After the “Financial Times Deutschland” reported on the sometimes horrendous mediation commissions for private health insurance (PKV), representatives from politics as well as the heads of several private health insurance companies have spoken out in the past few days in favor of capping the final commission.

According to the “Financial Times Deutschland”, intermediaries receive up to 18 monthly premiums for a customer's insurance change in the direction of private health insurance (PKV). Misconduct is encouraged by these substantial payments and in the end the insured have to pay their contributions for the commissions, the criticism. Even the more PKV-friendly FDP therefore demanded that the agency fees be capped. But even the first private health insurance companies have apparently recognized that the exaggerated commissions are more likely to harm themselves than to attract new customers in the long term.

Upper limit for agency fees and longer liability periods required
The CEO of the largest private health insurance company DKV, Dr. Clemens Muth welcomed the planned political measures in view of the current media reports. An upper limit of the brokerage commissions and longer liability periods of the brokers in the event of a contract cancellation would certainly make sense, explained Muth. Hallesche Krankenversicherung also responded to the reports of the “Financial Times Deutschland” and denied paying up to 18 monthly premiums as agency fees after the successful conclusion of the contract. In a press release, the health insurance company announced that only below-average commissions were paid at Halleschen and that the “Financial Times Deutschland” figures were due to methodological shortcomings.

The insured person bears the costs of the commissions
But the CEO of DKV may not have spoken in favor of capping commissions for a reason. Industry experts know that the information provided by the "Financial Times Deutschland" of a maximum of 14 to 18 monthly contributions as placement commission is quite realistic. Converted with an average monthly contribution between 200 euros and 300 euros commissions in the amount of 2,800 to 5,600 euros. Costs that ultimately have to be financed through the contributions of the insured. It is hardly surprising, then, that Hallesche health insurance is opposed to reporting, because otherwise the insured might come up with the idea that their premiums would be correspondingly higher due to the placement commission. (fp)

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