Complementary naturopathy for heart attacks

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Study: Complementary treatments in naturopathy for heart attacks tend to improve the quality of life

The 77th annual conference of the German Society for Cardiology took place in Mannheim until yesterday. During an event, the doctor Rupert Wende presented the results of the new AMI Elderly study from the MONICA-CORA heart attack registry in Augsburg. Here the frequency of the use of alternative therapies and their influence on the compliance in older heart attack patients was examined. It became clear that only a minority of affected patients also resort to alternative naturopathic healing methods. "In contrast to reports from North America, the use of these healing methods and 'additives' does not affect compliance with the use of standard medication," explained Wende. The term “compliance” is used in medicine as a collective term for the patient's adherence to therapy. In other words, most of the patients who also opted for alternative treatment methods usually did this in addition to the conventional therapies.

Better quality of life through additional naturopathic procedures
In the course of the study, a “trend towards better quality of life” was demonstrated for patients who also rely on the use of classic alternative methods and naturopathy. "Some aspects were even significantly better," said Wende from the Augsburg University Hospital. The AMI Elderly study was presented at the annual conference of the German Society for Cardiology - Cardiovascular Research (DGK).

In naturopathy, the following additional therapies are recommended if there is an existing risk or a heart attack that has already been experienced: Flower essences such as Bach flower therapy, phytotherapy, orthomolecular medicine, dietary changes and weight reduction in the case of overweight, daily exercise units and relaxation procedures to reduce stress such as yoga, tai chi or Chi Gong. (sb)

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