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Additional contribution to the health insurance company United IKK should be charged retrospectively

16.05.2011, 17.06.2011

On Friday, the board of directors of the statutory health insurance company United IKK decided an additional contribution of eight euros per month. However, insured persons must prepare for retroactive payment of the additional contributions. The additional contribution is to apply retroactively to April 1, 2011.

The allocations from the health fund are not sufficient, according to the previous opinion of the guild health insurance company United IKK. On Friday, the board of directors of the fund decided to introduce an additional contribution of eight euros per month or 96 euros per year. The additional contribution in addition to the regular health insurance contributions is due to be paid retrospectively from April 1, 2011. The additional contribution is levied on a quarterly basis, retrospectively at the beginning of the second quarter of 2011, i.e. from April 1, 2011. The additional contribution is due for a quarter six weeks after the end of the quarter - i.e. for the first time on August 15 of this year for the second quarter (1st April to June 30, 2011). This is a total of three months, i.e. 24 euros. The contribution has to be transferred separately and is not automatically collected by the employer as usual. All insured persons should be informed of the introduction in a separate letter. As of this letter, there is the possibility to terminate the health insurance fund on the basis of the special right of termination.

Federal Insurance Office calls for active savings
Until then, the health insurance company wants to try to "look for a strategic way" in order to prevent the additional contribution. So far, such an additional contribution has rather caused losses to the health insurance companies because many changed the insurance company after the announcement. It remains questionable whether such a “strategic option” is available. According to internal cash circles, attempts are being made to form a merger with the IKK Classic. In the first quarter of the year, both health insurance funds met for exploratory talks. Ultimately, the IKK Classic rejected a merger due to the membership structure and poor financial situation. As early as March this year, numerous health economists suspected the introduction of a head allowance.

Approval only with renovation concept
According to information from the "Ärzte Zeitung", the Federal Insurance Office (BVA) only wants to agree to the introduction of an additional contribution if the additional income is part of a comprehensive restructuring concept. In addition to financial support from the Association of Guilds, structural savings should also be carried out at the United IKK. These points should also be the result of the fund's restructuring committee. (sb)

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