Merger of BKK Gesundheit and DAK planned

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The health insurance companies DAK and BKK Gesundheit have again started negotiations for a merger

The health insurers BKK Gesundheit and the German employee health insurance DAK are planning another merger. As a spokesman for the two health insurance companies announced, the first negotiations have already started. The spokesman confirmed to the news agency "dpa" an article of the "Service for Social Policy", which already indicated the intention to merge.

The health insurance companies DAK and BKK Gesundheit are again examining a merger, a spokesman for both insurance companies said on Wednesday. If the negotiations that have begun are successful, both boards of directors want to approve the merger by the end of this year.

Both health insurers were already trying to merge last year. At the time, the negotiations failed surprisingly because internal BKK Gesundheit committees had spoken out against it. Both health insurance companies are considered financially stricken and have been charging an additional contribution of 8 euros per month in addition to the regular contributions. Not least because of the additional contributions, the DAK and BKK Gesundheit lost a significant proportion of their members because they exercised their special right of termination. For example, the number of members of BKK Gesundheit fell from 1.5 million at that time (2009) to around 880,000 members (2010). As a result, BKK Gesundheit was forced to set up an additional contribution, which again caused violent member losses. The DAK fared similarly because here too, the allocations from the health fund were no longer sufficient. The target name could be “DAK Gesundheit”. During the first negotiations, the new cash register name was used as the working title.

Around 5.8 million people are insured in the DAK and almost 800,000 at the BKK Gesundheit. If the talks don't fail like last time, "DAK Gesundheit" could become the third largest health insurance company in Germany after Barmer GEK and Techniker Krankenkasse. In the meantime, the DAK has been financially restructured. According to its own statements, the Deutsche Anganke health insurance company generated a surplus of a good 188 million euros in the first quarter of 2011. The health insurance company achieved a surplus of 60 million euros in 2010. The encouraging figures should mean a new argument for BKK Gesundheit. It is currently still questionable whether the unpopular additional contributions will cease to exist due to a merger. (sb)

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