Lower PKV commissions planned

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Lower commissions with private health insurance in the future

Commission payments for the brokering of new private health insurance (PKV) contracts have reached a level in recent years that has led to extremely questionable or greedy behavior on the part of insurance brokers. According to the will of the federal government, this is now over.

In order to put an end to the excess of commissions, the Bundestag has adopted new guidelines for brokering full insurance. The maximum admissible commissions were limited and the cancellation liability extended to a longer period. The new regulations of the Bundestag were welcomed by the Association of Private Health Insurance (PKV) and the PKV association director Dr. Volker Leienbach was cautiously optimistic that the measures will also bear fruit in practice.

Commission payments in private health insurance with unpleasant side effects The commission payments when concluding a contract in private health insurance have long been clearly criticized. Not only politicians, but also the Federal Association of Insurance Consultants, had already complained at the beginning of the year that the insured had paid up to 18 monthly premiums to the intermediaries when a new contract was concluded. Because in the end, the insured bears the costs of the commissions. In addition, the highest commissions were often paid on the worst contracts, which led to massive distortions in advice, said the President of the Federal Association of Insurance Consultants, Stefan Albers, in February. Some representatives also tried to persuade customers to change insurance several times - always after the expiry of the cancellation liability period - in order to collect commission more often, the criticism of the previous system. Although competition between private health insurers is wanted, the practice of paying up to 18 monthly premiums as commissions has triggered extremely unpleasant side effects.

New regulation to prevent exaggeration in the future in the interests of the insured. The policy has now decided to act and the new regulation of the commission system when a private health insurance contract is concluded. Not only are the maximum permissible commissions limited to nine monthly contributions from April 1, 2012, but the liability for cancellation has also been extended from two years today to five years. If the insured change insurance again before the cancellation liability expires, the intermediaries must repay part of the commission received. The new regulations are intended to avoid "exaggerations" in the future, "but without affecting the personal advice and care of the insured through the intermediaries," emphasized the PKV association director Dr. Volker Leienbach. The changes that have been decided must now prove themselves in practice, Leienbach continues. Both politicians and the association of private health insurance companies hope that the excessive commission excesses are now a thing of the past. As the CDU member of the Bundestag Klaus-Peter Flosbach emphasized in the context of the Bundestag debate, the new regulation of the commission system for private health insurance was carried out in close coordination with the private sector. Flosbach was optimistic with this important step "to achieve a clean market for the mediation of private health insurance." The insurance industry was also grateful that politicians "intervened in the market and removed this abuse", explained the CDU- Politician.

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