High salt content in ready meals

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Consumption center: Salt content in ready meals is still too high

The consumer center in North Rhine-Westphalia criticizes the high salt content in ready-made microwaves. This was the result of an investigation into consumer protection. However, too much salt is harmful because it has a positive effect on high blood pressure.

Too much salt leads to high blood pressure According to a study by the NRW consumer center, there is still too much salt in ready meals. A similar study a year and a half ago would have shown that 98 percent of the prepared meals tested contained too much salt. "Many manufacturers ignore the recommendations of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment and have even increased the amount of salt in their dishes," criticize the consumer advocates.

A daily dose of six grams of salt should not be exceeded, but this amount is already contained in a microwave ready meal. Those who consume too much table salt endanger their health. Salt in particular has an adverse effect on blood pressure.

The consumer advice center in North Rhine-Westphalia also criticizes the fact that no or imprecise information on the salt content is given on many packs of ready meals. In the European Union, such information will only be mandatory from 2016, although according to the consumer advocates this should already be the case urgently.

High blood pressure as a risk factor If you consume too much salt, you risk high blood pressure and thus numerous complications. Dr. Wolfgang Karmann, chief physician at the Kitzinger Land Clinic, reports about ten million Germans suffering from hypotension. Many of you are not even aware of the disease. But an untreated hypertension brings with it considerable health risks in the long run, so that information work is urgently needed here, emphasizes Dr. Karmann.

Symptoms that are often initially unspecific include mild headaches, sudden heat spurts, heart pounding, rapid heartbeat and similar symptoms. In some patients, high blood pressure even initially led to an increase in vitality, while the state of health gradually became worse and worse due to hypertension, according to the chief physician of the Kitzinger Land Clinic. Untreated high blood pressure causes the blood vessels to become brittle, narrow or close, and there is a risk of serious illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and blindness, the doctor warns. (ag)

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