Minister campaigns for better school lunches

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Health Minister calls for healthier school lunches

The Brandenburg Minister of Health has campaigned for school meal providers to improve the quality of meals. In school age, adolescents should be made aware of healthy nutrition.

Brandenburg's minister of health, Anita Tack (Die Linke), has campaigned in front of numerous school lunches for healthier and more appealing meals for the students. "We need more acceptance for healthy food," the minister emphasized at an exchange meeting of Markerkaterers on Monday.

Greater acceptance required for healthy eating According to the Brandenburg Minister of Health, the quality, appearance and taste of school meals should be improved. The previous standard was also one of the reasons for the relatively low use of school meals by the students. According to the information provided by the school catering network, only around 25 percent of all Märkische schoolchildren currently use the offer of a warm lunch, said the Minister of Health. The network, financed by the federal and state governments, initiated the exchange meeting of Markerkater in the school district, also to promote positive examples in the field of school catering. (fp)

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