Blue light therapy for severe skin diseases

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New therapy option for severe skin diseases

New therapy option for severe skin diseases: blue light therapy. Eczema, itchy or flaky skin: unpleasant changes in the wafer-thin protective layer of our body occur more and more frequently. Many sufferers are ashamed, suffer very much from their external flaw and feel considerably restricted in their quality of life. Creams and tablets often only help to a limited extent and usually worsen the skin condition in the long run. If you want to break this vicious circle, pulsed blue light therapy now offers a gentle and sustainable alternative to conventional medical treatment with UV light or cortisone. According to a study by the University Dermatological Clinic Mainz, 75 percent of the patients stated that this new form of therapy was the best method so far. It relies on the stabilizing power of UV-free rays in the blue spectral range.

"The pulsed blue light therapy is particularly suitable for the treatment of inflammatory and allergic diseases of the skin and shows particularly good results for neurodermatitis and psoriasis," reports Dr. med. Marcella Kollmann-Hemmerich, specialist for dermatology at the light clinic Munich. "And usually for many months or even years." Their success is based on the effect of intense blue light on misdirected immune cells - a cause of many skin diseases. The effect of light leads to their decay, the inflammation subsides and restores the complex balance. As a result, the skin recovers and heals. In addition to the type of light, the timing also plays an important role for the positive effects of this blue light therapy. Because the organism is particularly susceptible to pulsed stimuli - i.e. stimuli that do not occur continuously but at regular intervals. In addition to the better complexion, systemic side effects such as food allergies are often weakened during treatment. In addition, tissue-sparing and side effect-free therapy is an option for conventional medical measures, especially for infants and toddlers. Studies have shown that the majority of patients experience a noticeable improvement in eczema and a reduction in itching after only one to three treatment cycles.

"Experience shows that thanks to pulsed blue light therapy, the need for anti-inflammatory drugs usually drops significantly," says Dr. Kollmann-Hemmerich. It achieves good results, especially in particularly severe cases that do not respond to current treatment methods, or respond only inadequately. Here, health insurance companies usually also cover the costs of the therapy offered nationwide. (pm)

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