Drug commissioner calls for ban on e-cigarettes

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Federal Government drug commissioner for ban on e-cigarettes

Mechthild Dyckmans (FDP), drug representative of the black and yellow federal government, has spoken out in favor of a nationwide ban on the trade in electronic cigarettes (so-called e-cigarettes). In doing so, she supported the position of Steffens, Minister of Health of North Rhine-Westphalia.

In the debate about the trade and sale of e-cigarettes, Dyckmans supported the position of North Rhine-Westphalian Minister of Health Barbara Steffens (Greens). The state minister had banned the trade in e-cigarettes in NRW. In an interview with "The West", the drug commissioner said that "she fears that young people will be attracted to the e-cigarette if it is offered as a supposedly healthy alternative." The electrical devices with nicotine could lead to smoke. The federal government has already classified liquids with nicotine as a "drug". The classification should be "a signal effect" for all federal states.

Dyckmans considers the electrical devices to be "unsafe from a health point of view". This is particularly the case if the products are used to “inhale nicotine”. In addition, the liquids contain numerous unknown ingredients that could pose a health risk. "That's why we warn against the consumption of the e-cigarette," said the FDP politician.

The subject is also viewed critically in the EU. The commissioned EU Commission sees the e-cigarette as "very critical". "The first reactions from Brussels are that the e-cigarette is classified as dangerous as the conventional cigarette."

Dyckmans did not accept the argument that the e-cigarette could help quit smoking. In her opinion, the e-cigarette was not suitable as a means of weaning. The organism is damaged as before with nicotine, at least if the vaporizing containers contain nicotine. There are very good offers to stop smoking. Alternatively, the drug commissioner suggests that you contact doctors, psychologists, or adult education centers that offer special offers to help you quit smoking. Many courses and seminars are also paid for by the health insurance companies.

According to the latest estimates, around two million people in Germany consume the e-cigarette more or less regularly. In many forums, numerous users report that they have stopped using conventional glow sticks due to “steaming”. Others think they smoke less, at least now. At the beginning of March, around 30 apartments and offices of dealers were searched, according to the Association of E-Cigarette Suppliers (VdeH). Large quantities of liquids from China were previously confiscated at Frankfurt Airport. (sb)

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