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Fresh eggs can be easily identified using two methods

For Easter, an above-average number of eggs are bought again. Parents paint the Easter eggs with all kinds of bright colors, which are then searched for by the children in the house or garden. In order not to spend Easter with stomach ache, consumers should pay attention to the freshness and cooking time of the eggs. Children and chronically ill people in particular are at risk from salmonella. You can easily find out for yourself whether the egg is still fresh.

Two simple tricks can be used to determine whether an egg is fresh. If the egg is not to be used for painting, it can be opened for a fried egg. When the egg is fresh, the egg yolk is encased by the egg white, as reported by the consumer information service “aid” in Bonn. However, if the egg is already old, the protein is thin and tends to flow apart. However, since the eggs are used sealed for Easter, the second fresh test is best. To do this, the egg is dipped in a glass of cold water. If the egg sinks to the bottom and remains there, the egg is fresh. The older an egg is, the more it rises to the surface. This is because the longer it is kept, air forms inside the egg.

Green border on cooked eggs is harmless
If there is a greenish shimmering edge on the hard-boiled egg, it no longer looks particularly good. But that is absolutely harmless to health, as the consumer advocates of “aid” explain. The egg yolk turns green on the outside due to a chemical reaction between the ingredients in protein and yolk. This usually happens with cooking times of over ten minutes, i.e. when the egg is hard-boiled. If a soft egg is to be cooked, the cooking time must not exceed five minutes. A wax-soft egg takes about eight minutes, depending on the size of the egg. The cooking time is calculated from the point at which the chicken egg is lowered into sparkling water. Children should always eat hard-boiled eggs due to the risk of salmonella. (sb)

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