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In Bavaria, men die on average five years earlier than women. This is partly due to the unhealthy lifestyle that most men maintain.

According to a study by the Bavarian Ministry of Health, men die on average five years earlier than women in the Free State. The study results were published in the new “Men's Health Report Bavaria”, which the Bavarian Minister of Health Marcel Huber (CSU) presented in Munich on Friday. At the same time, the minister opened the nationwide campaign week dedicated to "men's health".

Huber believes that the above-average poor lifestyle is one of the reasons for the higher mortality statistics for men. Men drink more alcohol, are more dependent on nicotine and often do not eat healthy. According to the men's report, these are, alongside genetic components, the main reasons for a shorter life expectancy. Men are also not very interested in medical checkups. While 60 percent of women have preventive medical checkups, the rate for men is only 24 percent.

Although more boys than girls are born in Bavaria, the number of men declines significantly from the age of 55, so that women from this stage of life already dominate in numbers. The higher mortality rate is most evident in the elderly from the age of 80. Despite the initially increased birth rate, twice as many women as men live among the over 80s.

Huber wants to sensitize men to their health
Unhealthy lifestyles are mostly carried on from generation to generation. The father's past life also shapes the son. Children experience that supposedly "strong men" drink a lot, smoke heavily, eat a lot of meat and little vegetables. Doctor's consultations are also neglected, after all "a strong man does not go to the doctor for every illness". Such socialized clichés mean that men, unlike women, often neglect their health. The men's health report and action week are now to help educate men better. Huber wants to better inform men and raise awareness of health issues. (sb)

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