Sleep well on hot summer days

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Numerous people struggle with sleep problems in the summer months

In many apartments, the room temperature rises so drastically during the summer months that restful sleep is hard to imagine. However, some simple measures can help you get a good night's sleep even on hot summer days, reports the Konsument Initiative e. V. in Berlin.

The lowest daily temperatures are at night just before sunrise. So it is best to thoroughly ventilate the heated bedroom at this time. However, since most people are still sleeping shortly before sunrise, the window can be opened in the morning and fresh air can be let into the bedroom, explains the consumer initiative in Berlin. According to the experts, the windows and curtains should then remain closed during the day to prevent the interior from heating up. Before going to bed, the consumer initiative recommends venting the bedroom briefly again.

Sheets or blank sheets instead of duvets People who are struggling with sleep disorders in particular often suffer considerably from the high temperatures during the summer months. You should therefore take measures to avoid excessive heating of the bedroom and, in addition, to use a sheet or an empty cotton duvet cover instead of the usual duvet, advises consumers to take the initiative. These give you the security you need to sleep in the heat without causing excessive sweating.

Further measures for a healthy night's sleep Furthermore, the consumer recommends initiative in the press release "Good night and sleep well!" People with sleep problems generally a "regular day and sleep rhythm". Those affected should better refrain from taking an afternoon nap and taking a nap in the evening in front of the television. Rituals such as washing in the evening, brushing teeth and changing clothes should be used to "get in the mood for bedtime", continues the consumer initiative. Experts also recommend that you stop eating large meals and drink alcoholic beverages three hours before bedtime. Vulnerable people should also avoid caffeinated drinks six hours before bedtime. If sleep problems are due to difficulty in switching off, according to consumers, initiative relaxation methods, moderate physical exercise or other hobbies can contribute to relaxation. (fp)

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