Shoplifter jumped out of the window upside down

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Shoplifter jumped out of the window against bars

A shoplifter in Espelkamp suffered a serious head injury while trying to escape. When he jumped out of the shop window at the weekend, the man hit bars that he had apparently overlooked earlier.

A shoplifting in Espelkamp in Lower Saxony came to a tragic end. With a serious action, a shoplifter inflicted serious health damage. As the police from the district of Minden-Lübbeke announced, the man was put in a shop in Espelkamp by shop detectives while trying to steal goods. The alleged perpetrator was then escorted to the business premises, waiting for the approaching police and the personal details to be recorded. As the shop detective reports, the 28-year-old man suddenly jumped up and wanted to jump through a window in the office. However, the perpetrator overlooked the fact that the window was barred from the outside. "He suddenly got up, ran to an open window and wanted to jump out of his head," reports a police spokeswoman.

According to the police, he injured himself severely while jumping against the bars on the head and immediately fell to the ground unconscious. "There was a clearly bleeding laceration."

The detective then informed an ambulance. After the emergency doctor arrived at the man, the shoplifter was taken to the nearest hospital where he was admitted. "The man is still being treated there," the police said in their report on Sunday. (sb)

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