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Holistic naturopathic practice Heike Leonhardt: My main areas of treatment are allergies / skin disorders, gastrointestinal urinary tract diseases, chronic and acute pain in the musculoskeletal system, inflammation and pain in the ear, nose and throat area. With the variety of naturopathy and the therapy methods: NPSO (new selective pain and organ therapy), voice frequency analysis, acupuncture, facial diagnosis, and autologous blood treatment, it is possible for me to treat not only symptom-related, but causally and holistically. For me, a holistic view means that the focus of the treatment is not the disease, but the person as he is. This also means that the patient recognizes and understands the context of his illness. My goal is to support patients in maintaining or regaining health and well-being with individually tailored forms of therapy and the variety of naturopathy.

Holistic naturopathic practice Heike Leonhardt
Holzmadener Strasse 11
73230 Kirchheim / Teck
Tel: 07021-94 96 81
Mail: [email protected]

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