Homeopath and doctor injected cortisone

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Allegation: Instead of homeopathic treatments, doctor is said to have injected Cortision

A doctor from Paderborn is said not only to have betrayed patients but also to have massively injured them. The doctor, who allegedly works with homeopathy, is accused of having administered cortisone to patients without consent and knowledge. The patients assumed that they were treated purely homeopathically for allergies. Now the doctor is being investigated, but denies the allegation.

A cortisone injection instead of homeopathy
The majority of patients looked for an alternative form of treatment for hay fever, allergy and neurodermatitis. But they were obviously cheated: Instead of homeopathic active ingredients, they were injected with cortisone. Approximately 190 patients experienced severe side effects after administration. According to the prosecutor, up to 1,700 patients were cheated in this way and some injured.

Alternative treatment methods are rightly booming. Allergy sufferers turn confidently into the hands of a naturopath or a homeopathic doctor, so as not to expose themselves to the sometimes severe interactions and side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. An isolated case, as has now become known, frightens patients and therapists alike. Patients sought help from an allegedly homeopathic doctor. In the meantime, the 42-year-old doctor had made a name for herself and was gladly recommended, although the treatments were not financed by the statutory health insurance companies, but had to be paid for by the patients themselves.

Over 1,700 people injured
At least 190 patients had severe side effects such as bone loss, hair loss and growth disorders after cortisone treatment, reports the public prosecutor in North Rhine-Westphalia. The investigative authority has now initiated criminal proceedings against the doctor. The accused are at risk of physical harm, attempted physical harm and commercial fraud in at least 1,700 cases.

Patients queued for help
In total, the alleged perpetrator is said to have received more than 30,000 euros from the injured, a spokesman for the prosecutor's office. The doctor had made a name for herself with her alleged homeopathic treatment of patients with allergies, reports the Chief Prosecutor Horst Rürup on Monday. In the boom of pollen allergy and hay fever, the patients in the hallway even stood in line to receive a soothing injection, Rürup reported.

Serious side effects in many patients
Many patients with hay fever and neurodermatitis would have sought the help of the doctor because of the side effects of cortisone in order to be treated as an alternative. The matter was exposed when a mother, who was a doctor herself, noticed typical characteristics of cortisone injections after giving her daughter an injection. On the skin of her child, fatty tissue had regressed at the injection site, suggesting treatment for cortisone. In addition, the doctor became suspicious because the success started very quickly. A laboratory test showed residues of a drug with cortisone.

Doctor denies allegations
Since the beginning of the investigation, the accused has not practiced her profession as a doctor. At the first interrogation, the doctor informed that she had informed the patient about the addition of cortisone. Accordingly, she denies the allegations. If convicted, the woman is threatened with the revocation of the license to practice medicine, a prison sentence or probation of several years, and civil pain and suffering payments. According to the Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ) it is so far unknown whether the accused has “an additional title of homeopathy assigned by the Medical Association”. It is still unclear when the trial will take place before the regional court. (sb)

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