Chinese medicine improves heart disease

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Chinese medicine improves symptoms of heart disease and can prevent serious consequences

Coronary heart disease is one of the most common diseases and has led the cause of death statistics in Germany with 42 percent for years. Deposits in the vessel walls cause circulatory disorders and limit the supply of the heart with oxygen-rich blood and energy-providing nutrients. Typical symptoms such as chest pain, pressure and tightness behind the breastbone during exercise lead to the symptoms of cardiac arrhythmia and heart weakness or, in the worst case, to a heart attack. In contrast to conventional medicine, which simply tries to manage the calcification of the arterial vessels with medication as well as possible, Chinese medicine offers gentle alternatives to stop the progression of heart diseases and to avoid life-threatening sequelae.

Dr. Christian Schmincke, head of the Clinic at Steigerwald, general practitioner and TCM expert, knows how Chinese medicine helps with circulatory disorders in the heart: "The Chinese therapeutic approaches are based on the so-called tan concept." Tan includes all waste products that have accumulated over the years Accumulate body. "These unwanted substances tend not to be broken down and excreted, to ignite and to impair the blood circulation in the tissues." Unhealthy nutrition, overweight, lack of exercise and constant tension lead to a vicious cycle, which causes an ever increasing accumulation of illness-causing substances. With the help of Chinese pharmaceutical formulations, it is possible to dissolve these inflammatory slags, to transfer them into the circulation and to excrete them through suitable mucous membrane systems such as the intestine, bronchi or sinuses. In the case of calcification diseases, cleaning processes are activated and the metabolism management of the organism rearranged.

Sage root for circulatory disorders
“In this way, Chinese sage root - a close relative of European sage - with its clarifying effect promotes blood movement in the small vessels and dissolves blood stasis. Sage root therefore plays an important role in blood circulation disorders such as arterial calcification, ”says Dr. Schmincke from many years of experience. "In addition, sage needs suitable other recipe partners to develop its specific effects." However, the individual composition of herbal ingredients belongs in the hands of an expert. You determine the dosage and regular adjustments so that the recipe does not overwhelm the patient, but is sufficient to initiate tan elimination. Patients then take the Chinese medicines throughout the day in the form of a boiled broth - the so-called decoction.

In addition to medicinal therapy, acupuncture is used. Targeted needling of the acupuncture points reduces the release of inflammatory substances. Qi Gong and gentle body therapies also release tension, rebalance the system and strengthen the body's clarifying function. At the same time, a vegetarian diet supports the relief of the organism with a careful selection of foods: Vegetable-rich food and largely abstinence from alcohol, as well as refraining from coffee and nicotine, make the "tan" discharge easier, according to the expert.

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