19 health insurance companies want to pay a premium

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Last week, Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) and Hanseatische Krankenkasse (HEK) reported some of the billions of surpluses to the insured in the form of premiums. According to a survey by the news magazine "Focus", at least 19 of the 146 health insurance companies in Germany are planning a premium refund.

The Techniker Krankenkasse will reimburse at least 100 euros to each contributor at the beginning of the year. However, the exact amount has not yet been determined. Industry insiders assume that it could be even more. Shortly thereafter, the Hanseatic Fund also announced that it wanted to pay premiums accordingly. The HEK treasurer explained: "All members should receive EUR 75 in May".

At least 19 premium health insurance companies
Because the premiums can be a reason to change, more and more health insurers are now joining the model. A survey by the magazine "Focus" showed that 19 of the 81 cash registers surveyed are planning to introduce such a distribution to members. Depending on the cash register, the amount is between 50 and 100 euros. Mostly small company health insurance companies like the "G + V BKK" or the "BKK Business and Finance" want to make reimbursements from 2013.

The majority of the funds, however, rely more on performance grants. A number of health insurance plans are planning to offer health services such as naturopathy, tooth cleaning and funded prevention programs. Thus, health insurance patients should benefit from more benefits through the accumulated credit.

Some health insurers are asking politicians to either lower or reform the statutory contribution rate. A reform, for example, could mean making the sentences flexible again. In early 2011, the rate was fixed at 15.5 percent.

According to the federal executive board of the general local health insurance companies, it is more committed to so-called “structural reforms”. Instead of "burning short-lived actionism", the extra revenue should be used to improve quality. (sb)

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