Intestinal Germ Infection: Death Lists and Fines

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After the intestinal germ infections at the German Heart Center and the Charité, the Berlin-Mitte district office is considering fines and has also requested lists of all deaths since June.

In Berlin, the intestinal germ scandal is causing further turmoil. The Berlin-Mitte district office has announced that it will impose fines. According to the authority, the intestinal germ infections were reported too late to the responsible health authorities. The City Council for Health in Berlin-Mitte has also announced that it will look through lists of deaths.

The Berlin-Mitte district office has announced that it will impose fines. According to the Office, the German Heart Center reported the infections with intestinal germs of the children too late or kept them from the authorities for too long. With this "the heart center violated the Infection Protection Act", as the head of the health department Anke Elvers-Schreiber emphasized on Friday. In the run-up, it had emerged that infections had occurred not only at the Charité University Hospital, but also at the nearby heart center.

According to district mayor Christin Hanke (SPD), the Charité had acted too late. Hanke announced that the first consequence of both clinics would be to issue fines in the three-digit range. However, according to the mayor, the incidents must first be worked through meticulously.

According to information from the Berlin district office, the germs in the heart center were discovered in mid-September. However, the intestinal germ detection was only confirmed by the clinic to the health department last week.

As a result of the infection, an infected infant died of the bacterial infectious disease. Three other sick babies have since been released from the heart center. The germ was diagnosed in another toddler, but the disease did not break out. According to the facts, there are currently no further germ infections in the affected departments. It is still unclear whether the intestinal germ oscillated between the two clinic houses.

Prosecutor's office investigated for negligent homicide
After the premature death of the newborn child in the German Heart Center, the public prosecutor's office is now investigating the “initial suspicion of negligent homicide”. The police confiscated the medical records of the affected children on behalf of the investigative authorities. The criminal police have already secured files in the Charité. The public prosecutor is currently also examining whether the child already buried should be exhumed for an autopsy. A spokesman for the public prosecutor's office said whether the exhumation will actually be implemented "will be assessed by an independent medical examiner". "But that can take time". On Wednesday, the public prosecutor learned that the child, who was supposed to be autopsied, is already buried.

Health committee wants to deal with hygiene in clinics
At the weekend, the health spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, Thomas Isenberg, told the Berliner Zeitung that the health committee of the Berlin parliament will deal with hygiene at the Charité and heart center on Monday. Isenberg called for "dedicated written reports and evidence". In addition, it was worth considering placing the clinic supervision in the hands of the district in the future. In his opinion, the health authorities "sometimes do not have the capacity for this."

The health city councilor and district mayor Dr. Christian Hanke vehemently spoke out against his party colleague's proposal. "To begin a discussion now about relocating the clinic supervision from the districts drastically misses the fact that it is currently about the complete clarification of an outbreak of germs, to which the citizens, but also the parents and the employees of the affected wards are entitled It was therefore strange, "if a member of the House of Representatives complains that the health authorities do not have sufficient capacity." Furthermore, the "representatives of the supervisory authority of the central health authority" were not invited to the hearing. Hanke hopes that this is a failure due to the "flashing events".

List of all deaths since June
Hanke also announced to the newspaper “BZ” that he would list “all deaths since June” at both clinics. The health city council wanted to "discuss and evaluate each case" with the doctors. The hope is that this will further advance the investigation. (sb)

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