New nerve cells identified in the brain

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Discovered neurons control heartbeat and blood pressure

An international team of scientists has discovered a previously unknown type of cell in the human brain. The identified cells apparently regulate the heart's blood pressure and sinus rhythm. The researchers hope that the new discovery will lead to improved treatment options for cardiovascular diseases.

Obviously, the humanoid brain has still not been fully researched. A European team of researchers has discovered new nerve cells in a special area of ​​the brain. These are apparently responsible for regulating heart rhythm and blood pressure.

Nerve cells control blood pressure and heart rhythm For centuries, no other organ has fascinated medical science more than the human brain. Again and again people's brains were weighed, measured, scanned and cut into wafer-thin slices. Nevertheless, research continues to make new discoveries, as scientists from various universities report in the journal Journal of Clinical Investigatio. The new discovery is already seen as a huge success. After all, the researchers were able to discover new nerve cells that "control the heart rhythm and blood pressure" during the years of work.

Under the leadership of the biologist Jens Mittag from the research group of the Stockholm Karolinska Institute, with the help of German and Dutch colleagues, previously unknown neurons could be identified, which adapt the heart rhythm and blood pressure to the current requirements of the human body. If emotional stress occurs, the blood pressure and heartbeat increase. The cells can integrate different information from the brain. It is still unclear whether other functionalities can be assigned to the neurons. However, the scientists assume that the brain cells have a lot more tasks to do than just regulating the blood pressure of the heart's rhythm.

New discovery for therapies for high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmia The scientists sum up that the discovery will very likely help to find new therapies for patients with e.g. Developing rapid heartbeat or hypertension. "In the long term, our discovery can help treat cardiovascular diseases." The Swedish Karolinska Institute, which selects Nobel Prize winners each year, speaks of "great hopes" that this has sparked. "If we scientists learn more precisely to control these neurons, we may have a new approach to treating cardiovascular diseases," said Mittag. However, it will still take a few years before the first technical devices can control neurons in a controlled manner.

In the near future, however, malfunctions of the thyroid gland in pregnancy could be better diagnosed and treated. An underactive thyroid gland can impair neuron development and increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases in the child. (sb)

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