Police doctor charged with use of emetic

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Police doctor again charged with the use of emetics, resulting in death: doctor forced to give crushing syrup

A 49-year-old former police doctor has to face Bremen for the third time in court. The reason: at the beginning of 2005, the doctor had forcibly administered a so-called “crushing syrup” to a suspected drug dealer via a gastric tube to reveal swallowed cocaine. After the 35-year-old man from Sierra Leone was given the emetic, his health suddenly deteriorated rapidly, as emetic and water got into the African's lungs during the procedure. The accused ex-police doctor reacted by calling an emergency doctor, but did not stop the administration of the drug - as a result, the man fell into a coma and died a few days later in the clinic.

Acquitted in two cases so far The medical officer responsible has already been on trial twice for the lethal administration of an emetic and was acquitted both times: the judges considered that he was not in the first case in December 2008 due to insufficient training and inadequate experience been able to assess the consequences of his actions - even though, objectively speaking, he was to blame for the man's death, objectively speaking. In the second trial, this could no longer be determined with certainty, which ultimately led the judges to another acquittal.

The Federal Supreme Court overturns both decisions: New edition of the trial But the acquittals were only valid for a short time, because in both cases the judges' decisions before the Federal Supreme Court (BGH) did not last - instead, the BGH overturned the judgments and referred the proceedings back to the Bremen Regional Court. This is where the third new edition of the process is taking place, for which five further negotiation dates are planned until mid-May.

Stop the use of emetics after the death of the man The death of the man from Sierra Leone had immediate consequences in 2006 by immediately stopping the violently controversial mandatory administration of emetics in Bremen. Back then, there was direct support from the European Court of Human Rights, which in 2006 condemned Germany in a similar case of a 19-year-old who died in Hamburg under similar circumstances. At the time, the European Court of Justice outlawed the method as "inhumane". (No)

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