No new coronavirus cases in France

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New corona virus: the all-clear for new suspected cases in France

In France, the all-clear was given on Saturday to three people who feared having been infected with the new corona virus. However, two other infections have been confirmed in Saudi Arabia.

Relief in France On Saturday, the French health minister Marisol Touraine in Lille announced that "the three suspected cases surrounding a patient with the new coronavirus have not been confirmed". However, "two more cases are being investigated". The three people are a doctor, a nurse and another patient, who "all had contact with a corona patient in Lille". The 65-year-old patient, who recently returned from a trip from Saudi Arabia, is still in the intensive care unit.

Other infections in Saudi Arabia Saudi authorities have informed the World Health Organization (WHO) of two more cases of infection with the new corona virus. These are men between the ages of 48 and 58. The new cases are probably related to the outbreak of the pathogen in a health facility in early May, according to the WHO on Friday. Since then, a total of 15 infections with the life-threatening pathogen have been registered in Saudi Arabia, seven of which were fatal. The most recent cases of infection are people with previous illnesses. The 48-year-old was in a stable condition and the 58-year-old had already been released after the illness had been overcome.

No means to stop the virus yet The virus (hCoV), first discovered in a man from Saudi Arabia in 2012, causes flu-like symptoms. So far, there is no adequate means to stop the virus. A total of 33 cases are known to the WHO, 18 people died, including a man in Munich. (sb)

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