Natural remedies for neurodermatitis

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Radon as an alternative to creams and tablets for neurodermatitis

The physical and mental suffering of neurodermatitis is enormous - and affects more and more people. Typical symptoms: very dry, very itchy skin, which leads to scratching. Especially in summer, many sufferers feel disfigured by the redness or bloody, inflammatory crusts due to the scratching and avoid short clothing. Some don't dare to leave the house for fear of the eyes of others. Cortisone in the form of ointments and tablets usually only helps for a short time and often worsens the skin condition in the long run. However, many sufferers find a way out of this dilemma thanks to alternative therapies with light or radon.

“The pathological skin symptoms are controlled as an excessive defense reaction by certain messenger substances, so-called cytokines. These in turn lead to the release of histamine via various other processes and thus to increased inflammation and itching, ”explains PD Dr. Bertram Hölzl, radon expert and medical director of the Gasteiner Heilstollen, the cause of the neurodermatitis malfunction. This vicious circle can be broken by so-called radon heat therapy. Because absorbed through the skin and lungs, radon activates the body's own messenger TGF-beta, which has an anti-inflammatory and healing effect. After only a few applications, many patients report a significant reduction up to the complete disappearance of the skin symptoms. "By positively influencing the cytokines, the pathological overreactions do not occur and a natural balance is restored," says Dr. Hölzl from accompanying scientific studies. "The excruciating itching subsides, the skin can recover and heal sustainably." High temperatures and humidity even intensify these effects of radon.

Affected people can often do without cortisone for months after a cure and often gain new self-confidence and thus better quality of life by looking at healthy skin. For therapy, patients travel 3-4 times a week with a day's break in a tunnel train into the interior of a mountain, where they find the beneficial combination of radon-containing air and a tropical climate. Depending on the clinical picture, doctors recommend radon heat therapy for two to four weeks. The completely allergen-free and dust-free air in the mountain gallery, in which patients find the natural active factors, is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers. Health insurance companies usually cover 90 percent of the therapy costs. (pm)

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