Treat mild sunburn properly

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Treat light sunburn correctly: no fatty care for sunburn

You can use a variety of remedies for mild sunburn, but it is better not to use fatty products. If the skin is burned more, a visit to the doctor is strongly recommended.

Effective, cool, damp envelopes in summer, sun, sand and often sunburn. Around 140,000 people develop skin cancer each year, and around 2,300 people die from the consequences. Sunburn should therefore not be taken lightly, because whoever suffers one more times increases the risk of skin cancer. If you get sunburn, it is better not to apply a high-fat body care product. Prof. Uwe Reinhold from the Professional Association of German Dermatologists in Berlin explained that such a cream can also accumulate heat in the skin. Wet-cool envelopes or a cool shower as well as sunburn gel or a lotion are more suitable and in case of severe pain you can also take acetylsalicylic acid (ASA). This would also relieve the inflammation of the skin.

In the case of fever and chills to the doctor Reinhold explained that sunburn occurs if the cell tissue in the upper layers of the skin is damaged by too much UV radiation and thereby ignites. The skin becomes red and warm. Pain usually occurs and, in worse cases, blisters can also form. If the skin is severely burned or the person has a fever and chills, a visit to the doctor is advised.

Prevention is the best sun protection The best remedy for sunburn is still prevention. You do not only get sunburnt on the beach, but also on walks, by car or on a deck chair in the garden. Body areas such as shoulders, upper body, feet, nose and face are particularly at risk. Due to the special exposed position of the named parts of the body, they should also be protected from the sun to a special degree. The best sun protection is literally protecting yourself from the sun. This includes not exposing yourself to extreme sunbathing and especially avoiding the midday sun. If you want to enjoy your free time outdoors in summer, care should be taken to ensure adequate protection with sunscreen. It is also advisable to wear headgear and always go in the shade. (ad)

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