Spontaneous spontaneous combustion: Baby catches fire

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Spontaneous spontaneous combustion. Baby is said to catch fire all the time

For years, so-called spontaneous human self-combustion (SHC) has been a mystery to science. The phenomenon describes the sudden ignition of the human body without a reason being recognizable.

SHC a myth?
It is said that mostly the limbs and often the internal organs were preserved. Objects in the area are completely spared. Burnt bodies in unburned surroundings are actually documented. From a scientific point of view, however, there is no evidence. So far, nobody has observed this fantastic sounding event.

There is currently a new case from India. According to CNN-IBN, a baby ignites again and again. The three-month-old Rahúl seems to be a victim of human self-ignition. It happened for the first time at the age of nine.

The treating Indian doctors assume that the phenomenon is triggered by biochemical processes. Other attempts to explain include electricity and microwaves in the creation. Chemical reactions at the subatomic level have also been considered.

An air-conditioned environment is vital for Rahúl The website “Grenzwissenschaft-aktuell.blogspot.de” assumes that the escape of flammable gases and / or liquids from the child's skin is the cause. To what extent this website can be classified as a reliable source of information remains questionable. From a scientific point of view, however, spontaneous combustion with the complete combustion of a person contradicts the physical and chemical laws. In his articles, German crime biologist Mark Benecke disproves the theory of spontaneous human self-ignition with forensic facts. Since the human body is largely made up of water and contains no combustible components apart from fat and methane, such an inflammation is almost impossible. (fr)

Image: Dieter Hopf / pixelio.de

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