Baby's eyes burned

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Litigation against the pharmacist in the Linus case

The case of incorrectly dosed eye drops, which led to severe visual damage in the Solinger premature Linus, will be heard in court. One of the two accused pharmacists has objected to the criminal order. A date has not been set.

Eye drops dosed 1000 times too high
The district court of Wuppertal announced that the case about the Solingen premature baby Linus, who suffered the most severe visual damage from eye drops that were overdosed in 1000 times, is now being heard in court. One of the two accused pharmacists has appealed against a criminal order for negligent bodily harm. The case should be decided at an oral hearing for which no date has yet been set. The penalty orders for 6,000 euros for the second accused pharmacist and over 7,200 euros for the treating pediatrician are final.

Three premature babies affected
An incorrect dosage of eye drops in February 2012 in a Wuppertal clinic led to serious and serious injuries in three premature babies. In a routine examination, the premature baby Linus was instilled with the overdosed drops a few weeks after the birth. In this extremely high concentration, the eye drops would take on the caustic sharpness of a cleaning agent. According to the investigations by the public prosecutor's office, the pediatrician made serious mistakes in faxing the prescription to a pharmacy in Cologne.

Grams instead of milligrams
He would have given the solvent in grams instead of milligrams and the two pharmacists in Cologne had apparently not noticed this. The two women would have implemented the much too high dosage given in the fax. The drops were then instilled in the three premature babies and seriously injured the babies' eyes. The pharmacists are to be accused of negligent action, since they could have foreseen the damaging effects of the too high concentration of active substances.

Manipulation to cover up mistakes
The 39-year-old doctor, who was seconded to the clinic as a visiting doctor, would also have tried to cover up his mistake by manipulating the fax afterwards. However, the Wuppertal district court did not pursue the allegation of falsifying documents, although the public prosecutor's office would have provided evidence of this. It was said that the fax was not a document in the proper sense, but at most a copy.

Doctor still busy
The pediatrician is still employed at the Wuppertal clinic and, according to a spokesman, nothing will change regardless of the procedure. The doctor is only a participant in a "chain of errors". The Linus family is considering a civil lawsuit to seek compensation. The boy is completely blind in the right eye and his left eye is believed to have only schematic vision. Supportive interventions had already been carried out, but the child was still dependent on extensive medical help. According to the family, there has been no apology or demand from the three suspects so far. (ad)

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