DRK blood donation camps have been used up

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Empty DRK blood donation camp: Red Cross campaigns for blood donation

Especially during and after the summer vacation, the German Red Cross (DRK) is increasingly asking for blood donations, because after the summer time the camps are empty.

Bottlenecks in the summer headlines such as “Blood donation: Bottlenecks in the summer time” every year help to draw attention to an urgent problem. Because especially in the summer vacation period there are bottlenecks in the supply of blood supplies in the hospitals every year. The number of blood donations decreases significantly. The annual low is reached in summer. However, the consumption during operations and therapies does not adjust and remains high. And that's why the Red Cross is increasingly calling for blood donations in order to save lives in an emergency.

Certain groups of people excluded. First-time donors should be between 18 and 65 years old and healthy. The donors are examined by a doctor before the blood is drawn. Blood pressure, pulse and breathing are checked. In addition, various parameters would be checked during blood collection and, if not yet known, the blood group determined free of charge. As a rule, personal questions about sexuality should also be answered before donating blood. According to the guidelines of the German Medical Association, certain groups of people are permanently excluded as blood donors. These include people with frequently changing sexual partners, male and female prostitutes, homosexuals, prison inmates and alcohol, drug and drug addicts. Diseases such as hepatitis, HIV or syphilis are further permanent exclusion criteria.

Confidential donor self-exclusion There are also temporary criteria that do not allow blood donation. For example, dental treatment must have been several days ago and a tattoo even at least four months. The donor must also weigh at least 50 kilograms. According to the deputy press spokesman for the DRK Blood Donation Service West, Heinz Kapschak, there is also the possibility of confidential donor self-exclusion. You can decide whether your donation should be used or not. "He could belong to a group of people who are permanently excluded from donating blood, and at this point he has the opportunity to exclude the usability of his donation," explains Kapschak. He also explained why these people even consider donating blood: “Especially in rural areas, there is often a kind of peer pressure. There you go to the club or bowling club to donate blood ”and continues:“ In this way we can enable people to save their faces. You don't have to expose yourself to others. "

An hour to save lives After the questions as well as the doctor and blood check, it can then go to the blood collection. The blood donor at the DRK would draw 500 milliliters of whole blood in 15 minutes. And after a break, there is usually a small snack as a reward. Permanent donors may even donate blood up to their 71st birthday. With a medical examination and a break from recovery, donating blood takes about an hour. The DRC said that you had to bring enough time to help people in need. And maybe to save lives. (ad)

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