Gammel meat scandal at Kaufhof?

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Another Gammel meat scandal: Expert opinion confirms suspicion against Kaufhof

A suspicion regarding spoiled meat products has now been confirmed in the delicatessen department of the Galeria -Gourmet of the Kaufhof chain in Munich. An independent expert opinion delivered the results. In an anonymous letter, Gammel-Fleisch allegations against the Kaufhof butcher were denounced. In particular, this is about grilled chicken and beef. Despite the expiry date, the meat products were repacked and offered again as freshly labeled goods. Frozen entrecote is said to have been thawed and then sold as fresh.

It was exactly the other way around with the grilled chicken. Expired, partly spoiled goods were frozen and offered as fresh goods again via the freezers. The Munich prosecutor is already investigating and the department store faces a hefty fine in addition to the damage to its image. Meat samples went to the State Office for Health and Food Safety for an opinion. This determined that the beef, as well as the grilled chickens, were no longer "not suitable for consumption". There were complaints in two out of three samples. However, there was no danger to health.

A Kaufhof spokesman said that the company has been the victim of a campaign to commit homicide. "Here someone wants to harm the company," said the spokesman. When the results were released, the speaker may have admitted errors. "We will analyze whether mistakes have been made. We check our entire process chain for this. ”He also assures that the bad meat never ended up in sales. The butchery, the Standard Fleisch company, has no guilt. "We did everything right from our side," says managing director Jan Lawrence "The meat was absolutely fine when we delivered it," he replied to the press regarding the allegations. (fr)

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