Gynecologist: Secret photos of patients

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Gynecologist is said to have taken secret pictures of patients for years

A gynecologist from Schifferstadt in Rhineland-Palatinate is said to have taken intimate pictures of his patients with hidden cameras for years. Now, since Thursday, the 58-year-old has had to answer to the Frankenthal Regional Court for sexual abuse and the violation of the "highly personal living space by taking pictures" in more than 1,400 cases.

2000 patients photographed or filmed? A nightmare for every patient: the gynecologist Dr. Joachim K. (58) took intimate pictures of his patients. According to the allegation, the doctor from Schifferstadt in Rhineland-Palatinate has photographed or filmed almost 2,000 patients in the changing room and in the examination room. Now, as of Thursday, the physician has had to face the Frankenthal district court for some of the cases at the Frankenthal district court, "in the period from May 2008 to August 2011 in Schifferstadt more than 1,400 cases injured the highly personal living space by taking pictures" . In addition, according to the “dpa”, the man is accused of “sexual abuse using a counseling relationship” in ten other cases, on the grounds that he primarily examined the vaginal area of ​​the women concerned for the purpose of sexual arousal.

Even her own daughter among those affected The hideous behavior of the doctor was discovered in 2011 after two medical assistants discovered a digital camera with the patient's pictures and then alarmed the police. Even back then, the accused had admitted to the investigators, according to "Spiegel Online", that he took 50 pictures of five to ten patients almost every day. Among those affected were “his adult daughter who did not report the father, girls between 13 and 14 years of age, elderly women, pregnant women, even one who had come to the practice due to a miscarriage suffered on the same day, as well as many who have been in practice for 20 years, ”Spiegel Online continues.

Defendant asks for apology at the start of the trial According to the dpa, the defendant had asked the women concerned to apologize at the start of the trial at the Frankenthal district court: "I am ashamed," said the 58-year-old, explaining the motive for his actions with a "dark side" him. According to "Spiegel Online", however, he had made the videos out of "medical necessity" according to his own statements, they would not have excited him sexually. However, a search had already brought another truth to light at the time, since according to Spiegel Online "literature about fetishes and a bag filled with worn women's underwear" had been found in the house of the accused, which he had during his time as an attending physician in a hospital in Speyer Had stolen patients.

Up to five years imprisonment and professional ban Now the doctor faces up to five years imprisonment if convicted, and the license had already been withdrawn during the investigation. In addition, the public prosecutor applied for a professional ban.

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