Health insurance patients wait longer for doctor's appointments

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In Brandenburg, legally insured persons wait an average of 24 days longer for an appointment with a specialist

Brandenburg health insurance patients have to wait an average of 24 days longer for an appointment with a specialist than privately insured patients. This was the result of a survey on behalf of the regional association of Alliance 90 / The Greens. "We are right in the middle of two-class medicine," comments Annalena Baerbock, state chairwoman of the Greens, on the results of the survey.

Health insurance patients sometimes do not get a doctor's appointment at all in Brandenburg. 250 specialist medical practices in Brandenburg were called twice for the survey. One asked for an appointment as a health insurance patient and one as a privately insured person, although the alleged complaints were identical. As it turned out, legally insured persons in Brandenburg have to wait an average of 24 days longer for an appointment with a specialist than private patients. It is particularly difficult for health insurance patients in Cottbus and the southeastern districts of Brandenburg, who have to wait an average of 33 days for a visit to a specialist. As the Greens report, waiting times of over 100 days are also not uncommon. An eye doctor from Eberswalde took the top spot. The health insurance patient must expect 180 days, the privately insured person only 18 days.

Those who need an appointment with a dermatologist or ophthalmologist in Cottbus, Spremberg, Lübben / Lübbenau, Wildau, Herzberg or Peitz have particularly bad cards. In the survey, no appointment was made to health insurance patients in 17 out of 21 practices. As a privately insured person, you had an appointment in the same practices at least after a waiting period of two to four weeks, the state association informed the party.

"In many places, due to the different fee structures, appointments are based on the type of insurance and not on the type of complaint," explains Baerbock. The Greens are therefore in favor of citizens' insurance, in which all people and types of income should be included. "One of the steps on the way to citizens' insurance is a common fee schedule for doctors - for the same service, there will be the same money, regardless of which insurer pays the fee. This takes away the incentives to favor certain groups. "Other parties such as the Left Party and the SPD also advocate the introduction of citizens' insurance in order to counter two-class medicine. (Ag)

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