Partnership: Vegetarians stay together

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When looking for a partner, vegetarians and vegans prefer to stay among themselves

Who fits well together? The partner agency investigated this question and examined how open vegetarians and vegans are when looking for a partner. Are meat eaters also of interest to you?

For the investigation, the company took a closer look at the information provided by 17,673 meat-eating, 6,326 vegetarian and 1,042 vegan members. 51% of the vegetarian singles indicated that they mainly wanted to limit their search to other vegetarians or vegans. Of the 1,042 vegans, 85% stated that they were primarily vegetarian or vegan. Most even refused to partner with just a vegetarian. This means that 55 percent of vegan singles prefer to partner with someone who is also vegan.

The same lifestyle makes you likeable - compared to vegetarians
The Dr. Guido F. Gebauer, graduate psychologist, sees no big surprise in these numbers. Because numerous studies show that the more they are drawn to each other, the more they agree in their lifestyles.

The decision for a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is central to a person's self-image. As a result, other people who share this quality are experienced as particularly personable. For Dr. Gebauer also expresses the particularly strong preference of vegan singles for a partnership with a person who is at least vegetarian, but better but vegan. The change to a vegan lifestyle usually takes place out of a particularly strong conviction. If this way of life is also central to other people, a strong increase in sympathy is not uncommon.

Ten good reasons to avoid meat 1. Meat eaters stink: A study by the University of Prague, in which 30 women had to assess the body odor of the study participants, came to the conclusion that the smell of sweat was classified as much more pleasant by vegetarians than that by meat lovers.

2. Vegetarians live healthier: meat consumption has been shown to increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and gout. Vegetarian foods contain less cholesterol, saturated fatty acids and purines.

3. Meat breeding is a waste of resources: For the production of meat, a lot of cereals that could feed humans directly are fed to animals. In order to produce 100 calories of meat, 1000 calories of grain have to be produced and fed.

4. Animal suffering: For many people, the main reason to become a vegetarian is animal suffering.

5. Good for the figure: By not eating meat and sausage, the body is fed less animal fats. The risk of becoming overweight is reduced.

6. Increased well-being: Whole grains and legumes contain a lot of fiber, which play an important role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and hardening of the arteries. Vegetables and fruits also contain fiber, which is slowly digested in the body and thus help to avoid food cravings.

7. Less methane gases: Methane gases, which cows and sheep also evaporate when they are digested, have a negative impact on the climate.

8. Meat scandals: In early 2013 we were shocked to hear that goulash, ravioli and lasagna contained horse meat.

9. Optimal protein combination: Foodstuffs such as cereals, legumes, potatoes, eggs and milk products make a decisive contribution to protein requirements. These are optimally recorded when they are combined.

10. Factory farming: If you take a closer look at factory farming, you can only pass the craving for chicken or neck steaks. (fr)

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