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Psychology: Trust relationship between patient and psychotherapist is important for the success of treatment

Patients should openly address misunderstandings between them and their psychotherapist. This is pointed out by the chair of the professional association of German psychiatrists (BVDP) in Krefeld, Christa Roth-Sackenheim, to the news agency "dpa". The establishment of a trusting relationship between patient and psychotherapist is very important for the success of treatment.

Painful steps during psychotherapy are often part of the progress of the therapy In order to be able to talk about problems and very personal matters, a relationship of trust between the patient and the psychotherapist is essential. That is why it is particularly important to speak openly if the patient feels misunderstood or misunderstood by his therapist, as Christa Roth-Sackenheim from BVDP explains. In addition, patients should also promptly point out any deterioration in their condition or the appearance of new symptoms. Otherwise the success of the treatment could be jeopardized.

As part of psychotherapy, there are usually five trial sessions at the beginning, in which the patient has time to find out whether he can build a trusting relationship with the psychotherapist. At the same time, the therapist makes the diagnosis. If there are developments in the patient's therapy that he finds difficult, he should speak about it. Painful steps are often part of the therapeutic progress, as Roth-Sackenheim reports. However, if there is no improvement after ten to 20 therapy sessions, it may be necessary to change the therapeutic procedure or to change the therapist.

Waiting time for psychotherapy place is often very long The great demand for psychotherapy is currently opposed to an insufficient number of psychotherapists with health insurance. Patients therefore often have to wait several months for a therapy place. In order to still receive help promptly, reimbursement by the statutory health insurance is also possible for therapy with a psychotherapist without a health insurance license if the patient would otherwise have to wait more than three months for a therapy place. This is indicated by the Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists (BptK). For this purpose, patients should keep a record of the unsuccessful search for a therapist with health insurance approval. In addition, a certificate is required that the therapy is necessary and cannot be postponed, which can be issued by a family doctor or specialist. In addition, the affected person should have already contacted a privately billing psychotherapist, who in turn would have to confirm that the treatment could take place at short notice and that the "specialist knowledge in a guideline procedure" was available, the BptK informed in a brochure. (ag)

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