More health insurance companies pay for professional teeth cleaning

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More and more health insurance companies subsidize professional teeth cleaning

Careful oral hygiene is the first prerequisite for beautiful, intact teeth and fresh breath. For the best possible dental care, you shouldn't just get used to brushing your teeth every day. Professional tooth cleaning has long been a service that only private health insurance companies offer to their insured. According to many dentists, it should prevent tooth decay and inflammation of the gums. During the treatment, dental plaque is removed and the interdental spaces are cleaned. After the teeth have been polished, the tooth enamel is strengthened with fluorine.

Three quarters of the health insurance companies tested give grants A study published on Tuesday by the specialist magazine "Finanztest" showed that more than three quarters of the 85 health insurance companies tested subsidize this special dental care. This is significantly more than a year ago, the Stiftung Warentest explained. The grants vary from fund to fund and range from ten euros to the full cost of the treatment, which is billed as an individual health service (IGeL). The treatment aims to prevent tooth decay and periodontitis.

Between 35 and 120 euros per session must be paid. Patients must pay for treatment between 35 and 120 euros per session. However, not every health insurance company gives you the freedom to choose which dentist can perform the cleaning. At the Barmer, Techniker and DAK, the insured must go to the dentists specified, while the contributors to the 41 other health insurance companies tested can have the treatment carried out by their usual dentist and then only have to submit the invoice. The extent to which health insurance companies provide extra dental care services can be seen on most of the websites.

The BKK Braun Gillette, for example, reimburses 65 euros once a year. As a rule, the statutory health insurance companies for adults pay twice a year for an in-depth examination and once a year for the removal of tartar. At the beginning of 2014, the detailed test "Grants for tooth cleaning from the statutory health insurance companies" will appear in the "Finanztest" magazine. (fr)

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