Breast cancer: brave woman publishes body photo

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Brave Australian shows off her breast cancer-streaked body

It was the 32nd birthday of Australian Beth Whaanga when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the meantime, her body is heavily marked by the numerous operations. The now 33-year-old shows her naked body on Facebook in order to sensitize others to the topic and to draw attention to the importance of preventive care.

Diagnosis on her 32nd birthday On her 32nd birthday, the Australian Beth Whaanga had to find out that she had breast cancer. Today, her body is heavily marked by numerous operations. Nevertheless, the now 33-year-old decided to take a bold step and now shows her naked body in public on Facebook. Her message is: “It doesn't matter whether you are old or young, age does not matter, regular checks are crucial. It can happen to you too! "

Scars are a testament to the fight against cancer When the quadruple mother from Brisbane received her breast cancer diagnosis, the doctors also found that she carries a mutation on the BRCA-2 gene. Such a mutation also slightly increases the risk of ovarian cancer. After the diagnosis, Ms. Whaanga's breasts, uterus, left armpit lymph nodes and major birthmarks were removed. However, the Australian does not hide her remaining scars, but rather has a friend of her photographed her. "The scars are a testament to the fight you fought," Whaanga told the Huffington Post. "They show that you survived and won the fight."

Raising awareness of the disease The brave Australian was so enthusiastic about the pictures taken that she decided to go public. On Facebook, she launched the "Under the Red Dress Project" campaign, which is intended to motivate many other women after their fight against breast cancer and also to raise awareness of the disease. "Every day we walk past people. They look quite normal, but sometimes a body hides under their clothes that tells a different story, ”writes Whaanga.

The pictures are drastic. The 33-year-old can initially be seen on her campaign page as a beautiful young woman in a red dress. If you then click on it, however, you get the warning: "The following pictures are drastic and include topless shots." Then the impressive pictures of her scarred body follow. In the meantime, over 35,000 people have already liked the courageous campaign. A few negative comments spoke of "disgusting" or "obscene" pictures. But they don't stop the Australian from continuing to fight. She had previously communicated that the recordings were not meant to be sexual in any way. The only goal is to raise awareness of breast cancer.

About 80 percent of women can be treated
According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), breast cancer is diagnosed in more than 70,000 women in Germany every year. About 17,000 women die of it every year. The RKI is expecting more than 75,000 new cases this year. About 80 percent of women who are ill can be successfully treated today, according to the German Society for Senology (DGS). Breast cancer is no longer synonymous with a death sentence. A lot depends on an early diagnosis. Doctors can resort to various treatment options, which can often be used to preserve the breast. There are also alternatives to breast amputation for women with hereditary disorders. (sb)

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